Haywood Hospital

Flowers were once a common feature of hospital visits, brought by visitors to bring beauty and nature into the medical and clinical environment, brightening up the bedside and wards. However it is not always possible to have natural flowers in the hospital environment.  BCB has started to re-introduce them, bringing them back in ceramic form and as a response created the FlowerWALL project.

The work incorporates rose hips and roses, making reference to the power of flower therapy and nature as a healer. The red berries, one of the richest sources of vitamin C, have been used in cooking and medicine for hundreds of years. More recently, a rosehip extract has been shown to reduce pain and improve movement.

There has been significant research into Rose Hip extract to have a very quick effect in reducing osteoarthritic pain in the hip, knee, and hand. Patients and staff took part in five hands on ceramics sessions at Haywood Hospital during June- August 2015. All the  ceramic work produced  was then shown during the 2015 festival and viewed by over 13,000 visitors. Patients expressed a desire to have opportunities to socialise, reminiscence of past career history within “pits and pots” and gain more knowledge of how too self manage pain related to their illness. Participants said: 

"I know more about the heritage of Stoke, it was a complex industry.'

"I worked in the pots and it brought back memories.'

If you're interested in getting involved in our Flower projects please contact us at katie@britishceramicsbiennial.com

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