World in One City

The Jubilee group, BCB and Appetite, Stoke-on-Trent’s Arts Council Creative People and Places programme, has worked on the World In One City project for over two years.  

Working with artist Jasleen Kaur, the group have been exploring themes surrounding cultural identity, place and heritage. Bringing together food and clay, the group has reflected on the new community they find themselves within. The Jubilee Group represents 40-60 adults living in the City who await decisions on their visa or immigration/asylum status. Artist Jasleen Kaur’s work is based in communal eating/feasting.

The group recently celebrated and shared the work completed in the project during an International Feast Day at BCB 2015. The group designed workshops, programmed musicians and shared international food with over 1,000 visitors in the China Hall.

"My children, they’ve tasted my culture. Stoke is…..mine.' WORLD IN ONE CITY participant

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