The Clay Foundation Studio Membership

Post 16

The BCB Educaiton team work with Post 16 education settings and Universities by extending ceramic practise and engagement with artists based at BCB's studio. 

Past Projects include:

The Lost Boys

Clay School

Ceramics Learning and Young People School Network for Secondary

Clay School for Key Stage 3,4 and 5 aims to encourage curiosity, develop resilience, build stamina and develop creative skills. Focusing on inspiring ceramic possibilities, unlocking ceramic innovations and connecting curriculum areas using clay that support and nurture creative career learning paths.

"Clay is gorgeous to touch and you just can't help but create something!"  Key Stage 3 participant



The BCB Education team also work within primary, secondary and Post 16 education settings and collaborate with educators to support and extend teaching practice through CPD programmes.

Our Primary programme includes: 

Non Uniform

A Collaborative Project NUL College with the British Ceramics Biennial

Teachers CPD

The BCB Education team collaborates with educators to support and extend teaching practices through engaging CPD programmes throughout the academic year including special CLAY school events and the CLAY conference.


Clay School Network for CPD:

SPARKS Schools

Sparks Schools aims to engage pupils at secondary and primary school to re-ignite the use of ceramics in their classrooms. BCB have worked with secondary schools and their feeder primaries to share resources and ideas. Ceramic artists Matt Raw, Amy Davies and Rita Floyd have worked at the schools delivering clay workshops based around the themes of Flowers and Food.

New artists and new schools will be selected to lead the second year of Sparks within the city starting May 2016.

#sparkschools  #educlaytion

The BCB Studio

The BCB Studio is a space to create based in the heart of Stoke on Trent at Spode Works. 

A couple of kilns, a few wheels, an extruder, slab roller and a collection of moulds, have provided the humble beginings for a space that is developing in ambition and energy. 

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys project is led by Professor Stephen Dixon from Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. Stephen’s large-scale monumental clay head Resonate sculpture, commemorating the soldiers of the North Staffordshire Regiment in the Great War, was featured in last year’s 2015 British Ceramics Biennial.