Food On My Plate

The Clay Foundation is campaigning for the removal of the airline-style plastic compartment trays, currently used in schools across the UK for the serving of school meals, in favour of proper ceramic plates. Over 150 ceramic plates have been hand made by school children, reinforcing healthy eating messages and evoking a sense of civic pride.  Harpfields Primary Academy, Thistley Hough Academy, Oakhill Primary School, Hillside Primary and Watermill Special School have so far taken place.  

About Learning

The BCB engagement team works with talented artists on a number of projects within the community and education sector in Stoke-on-Trent. The main aim of this work is to investigate if clay/creativity can have a positive impact on people’s lives. There are two main areas of work within BCB’s engagement with the local community and in formal education.

Community Projects
We are currently concentrating our work within changing communities in the City. We test how creativity can communicate or help plan a period of transition or change.

Clay Together

Clay Together 

Our "Clay Together" events are aimed at bringing people togther through making with clay. 

Open Access Studio

Open Access Studio 
Our studio regulars have access to the Studio on a Monday 5:30 - 9pm and Thursday  8-8:30pm.


BCB would like to thank our suppliers for their continued support, ideas and organisation.

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Project Partners

We would like to thank our project partners for their continued support, collaboration and investment.


AirSpace Gallery


Canal and River Trust

Lifelong Learning Programme


Community Maker


This summer, artist Anna Francis from AirSpace Gallery, Hanley, will lead the Community Maker project in the Portland Street area. Through this project, local residents are invited to explore the community together and think about the future, while sharing food together and working with clay.

During the project we will explore what the area already has to offer, and through some creative workshops and food sharing events we will start to consider plans for the future.

Stoke Minster (Church of St Peter ad Vincula)

Some time in the 7th Century the Saxon Hoard was buried in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia. At about the same time Christian missionaries arrived at a ‘sacred site’ or ‘Stoke’ by the river Trent. A wooden cross would have been erected  to claim the site for Christ. The first church was built and dedicated  to St Peter’s chains (St Peter ad Vincula). Here would have been based a mynster -a community of prayer –  bringing the gospel to this part of Mercia.  Here are the very foundations of the modern city of Stoke-on-Trent.

Spode Visitor Centre

The Spode Visitor Centre tells the stories of the Spode factory, the works, the everyday and amazing things they made and the collection and archive of the Spode Museum Trust.  There are films, images, interactive displays, objects from the collections and regular events and activities.  Find out more about the experiences of former workers at Spode and collect their reminiscences and photographs to add to the permanent archive. The ceramics collection is the largest and finest collection of Spode in the world, and one of the most important ceramics collections in Britain.

World of Wedgwood

Home to the Wedgwood Collection, one of the most important ceramic collections in the world, the newly displayed Wedgwood Museum offers a unique window into English industrial history and creative heritage spanning over 250 years. The collection has been permanently loaned to the Wedgwood Museum by the Victoria and Albert Museum, a testament to its national significance and its rightful domain at Barlaston, Wedgwood’s home since 1940.

Open Monday - Friday, 10am to 5pm & Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm.