Burleigh applies technology to tissue print

Middleport Pottery

An academic-industry partnership with CFPR (Centre For Fine Print Research) combining digital print technology with traditional underglaze tissue printing

Burgess & Leigh Ltd is the last remaining UK factory producing ceramic tableware using the traditional underglaze tissue transfer process. Burleigh’s distinctive intaglio prints of heated underglaze ink, or ‘colour’, are generated from hand engraved copper rollers. Though beautiful, hand engraving in this format is unfortunately a vanishing craft which makes the rollers costly and time consuming to produce.

Enabled by a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, where commercial ventures are paired with relevant academic institutions to advance industrial capabilities and the academic knowledge surrounding them, Burleigh sought to protect the artisan tissue transfer process and interpret the mostly tacit knowledge surrounding its production. The University of the West of England’s renowned Centre for Fine Print Research team were their invaluable partners in this endeavour.
This exhibition will showcase the last two years of applied research between Burleigh and CFPR; celebrating the timeless allure of tissue transfer, the benefits of this academic-industry partnership.

The results of this research project will be shown in two related exhibitions in The China Hall and at Middleport Pottery throughout the BCB 2017.

Research by: Alison Howell / Design Development Manager/ Burgess & Leigh