Fountain 17

Gladstone Pottery Museum

Tuesdays – Saturdays, Wednesday 6 September - Saturday 28 October

Celebrating Coincidence:

1817 Armitage Shanks

1917 Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain

2017 Fountain 17

Celebrating the anniversaries of Armitage Shanks and Duchamp’s controversial artwork, Fountain 17 is an exhibition created in partnership with Hull, UK City of Culture 2017.

On display are a range of artworks by established and emerging artists as reactions to one of the most famous pieces of modern art created. When Duchamp displayed a urinal as a work of art he challenged conventions and preconceptions of what art is. His ‘ready made’ art has prompted varied responses in this cutting edge exhibition. Based in Staffordshire, Armitage Shanks is the last major manufacturer of sanitaryware in the UK and has worked with many artists involved, bringing together an unconventional combination of industry and art. For more information please see

Admission to the exhibition is included with museum admission