Non Uniform

A Collaborative Project NUL College with the British Ceramics Biennial

Using the format of the Identification tags worn by soldiers fighting in WW1, students created a series of memory tags, uniform in size and shape yet personalised, through the manipulation of materials and techniques, encountered during the initial weeks of their Foundation course programme. Capturing a sense of time passed and the spirit of remembrance, the collection was displayed as a collaborative addition to the ‘Resonate’ installation at the festival. Students attached their work during their visit to the site. The project was  supported by a trip to the Brampton Museum, to work with artist Stephen Dixon, and a practical ceramics workshop, with flower maker Rita Floyd and studio manager/ resident ceramicist Jo Ayre.

A collection of ‘Labels’ exploring surface, texture, colour, text and image as a means of capturing time passed and the spirit of remembrance (dimensions 60mm X 80mm). Pieced together to form one large scale collaborative piece.