#ClayAtHome ‘An Homage to…’ Isolation Tiles



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From the comfort of your home.

In this video, artist Gabriella Rhodes demonstrates how to make tiles from clay or salt dough using tools found at home and in the garden.

Different carving and relief techniques will be used to pay homage to pets, loved ones, daily walks, key workers and meaningful objects that have lifted spirits in recent times. The tiles can be strung up in the window as a message of positivity, or framed and hung inside the house as a record of this moment in time.


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ClayAtHome to share your creations with us and the rest of the community taking part in the programme.


The next video from the #ClayAtHome series will be released on 3rd June. Keep an eye on our social media for  More information can be found on the #ClayAtHome website page and across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.