#ClayAtHome Clay Cookbook



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From the comfort of your home.

This week, we’re exploring science and biology through food, plants and clay!

BCB Education Manager Natalie Armitage demonstrates the ‘Food on Our Plate’ activity from the Clay Cookbook, an online resource filled with activities to do at home. Food on my Plate is a great way to learn about healthy food or plants which can link to science and biology areas of the curriculum. Plus it’s a great way to get outside and notice the interesting patterns in nature.

Download the worksheet for instructions plus the original Clay Cookbook which has lots more activities to do at home.


The next ‘how-to’ video will be launched in a week’s time on 21st April. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ClayAtHome to share your creations with us and the rest of the community taking part in the programme.

More information can be found on the #ClayAtHome website page and across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.