British Ceramics Biennial at Ceramic Art London

The BCB Pavilion at Ceramic Art London presents a selection of highlights drawn from the exhibitions, installations, displays and activities that took place as part of the 2019 British Ceramics Biennial across Stoke-on-Trent.

Presented will be the 2019 AWARD winners Vicky Lindo and William Brookes with their powerful body of work, Dead Dad Book. The Fresh exhibition is represented through a collection of the work by 2019 Fresh Talent Award winners Alice Walton, Laura Plant, Toni de Jesus and Pam Su.

Within Cultural Icons we share a selection from the exhibition including individual figurative works by Christie Brown, Joanne Ayre and Stephen Dixon, and pieces drawn from the Cultural Icons flatback editions made by the Stoke-on-Trent Flatback Production group.

Films, sound, photographs and artefacts describe the Ceramic City: Foursites project, a series of major site-specific residencies/exhibitions that took place in partner venues across the city, the experience of which took visitors on a journey through the heritage and landscape of Stoke-on-Trent.

Three films by Thea Stallwood provide a view into a small proportion of our  important and meaningful community and education engagement work by exploring narratives of place and production as part of  the Growing Cultures project.

In Exchange are displayed works drawn from BCB’s own collection of pots; inviting audiences to consider the value of becoming a collector and in the Engage space, visitors will have the opportunity to connect with clay and ceramic process and experience elements of the BCB 2019 Engagement Space, The Clay Quarter and the Production Line.

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