Clay Book Making

Budding potters aged 8 and over can make one of 800 clay books and help create the awe-inspiring art installation Knowledge Is power 

Keith Brymer Jones

Keith will be delivering a mix of throwing demonstrations, teaching at the pottery wheel and talking about his exciting plans for setting up a new business at Spode. 

Saturday 23 September 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Sunday 24 September 12:30pm & 2:30pm

Sunday 5 November 12:30pm & 2:30pm 


Made in Korea

As part of The Ceramic House 2017 programme “Made in Korea”, artists-in-residence Kyung Won Baek, Jin Kim and Ceramic House founder Kay Aplin have created installation works for presentation within BCB 2017 Accompanied by a four channel sound installation created by sound artist Joseph Young, the combined works contribute to an exploration, a dialogue, between the making cultures of the UK and South Korea.

Ceramic City - Alusid

ALUSID started life as a research project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. ALUSID produces SilicaStone a safe, non-flammable architectural surface suitable for a range of applications.

Ceramic City - Wades Ceramics

Nestled deep in the home of ceramics in Staffordshire, Wade Ceramics have been honing their craft since their establishment in 1810 to produce decadent ranges such as spirits, fragrance, homeware and food, with prestigious articles including their infamous Gluggle Jugs.

Ceramic City - Furlong Mills LTD

FURLONG MILLS LTD was established in 1842 and is owned by Dudson Churchill and Portmeirion . Continuous investment by the shareholder companies has seen ambitious plans for expansion. In 2016 a fully computer controlled sliphouse was constructed and is now used to create bespoke ceramic bodies for the industry.    

Ceramic City - Mempro

MEMPRO develops and manufactures products utilising microscopic ceramic nanofibres.

These will initially be used in the ‘NoxFox’ catalytic filter - a unit fitted to the small petrol engines used in lawn-mowers, outboard motors and chainsaws. The NoxFox filter makes these engines significantly more environmentally friendly by filtering exhaust gases, so reducing harmful pollutants. 

Ceramic City - Therser (UK)

THERSER (UK) Ltd was formed in 2009. The company provides THERmal SERvices and products, hence THERSER. Based in Burslem Therser designs bespoke equipment for technical ceramics in not only the ceramics industry but also for use in the aerospace, auto and metal industries. It has provided tunnel, shuttle, high-temperature kilns; furnaces and ovens to most countries of the world. In addition its repair, refurbishment and specialised equipment relocation division can relocate not only for kilns and furnaces but complete factories.

Ceramic City - Armitage Shanks

ARMITAGE SHANKS has a long and enduring association with Staffordshire. 2017 sees the company celebrating its 200th anniversary. Armitage Shanks was the first company to produce wares specifically for hospitals (1911).

Forest Of Dreams

Come and join B arts to make an extraordinary evening where dinner and theatre combine in a fabulous feast of live plating, live music, projections and puppetry in the Forest of Dreams.