Evanescent Landscape: Terraced Houses

By the mid 18th century, as archaeological discoveries were being excavated at the Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, Classical influence began to be absorbed into many aspects of design and architecture. Many manufacturers including Josiah Wedgwood satisfied the demand for these fashions, that were often influenced by romantic representations of the ruin and picturesque decay as a result of the Grand Tour.


Throughout history ceramics have played an important role in the phenomenon of cultural transfer. For centuries China, Korea and Japan have influenced each other’s aesthetics, practices and technologies. Subsequent trade with the West, and the imitation and assimilation of Oriental styles in the late 17th and 18th centuries greatly influenced the development of new ceramic traditions in Europe.

Place and Practices

Place and Practices is a site orientated project where artists Neil Brownsword (UK) and Juree Kim (KR) present a cross-cultural response to themes of materiality, place and tradition. Both artists further their ongoing investigations into architectural heritage and the social and political histories of place and labour. The outcomes of this research constitute a major installation at the former Spode Factory, together with this intervention which draws upon themes and objects within the Wedgwood Museum’s historic collection

Super Saturdays


11am - 4pm 

Join us each Saturday with your family for clay activities and lots of opportunities to play! We’re welcoming lots of artists into The Clay Pit each Saturday, who will help you and your family play with clay. Expect clay brick making, throwing and mark making. 

Our onsite cafe will also be offering family discounts, so why not make a day of it!? 


FREE, all ages welcome and very family friendly 


Clay Play




10am-12pm and 1-3pm each day 

Sunday 1st October 

Sunday 15th October 

Tuesday 24th October (half term)


Join ceramic artist Alice Thatcher to play with clay in this relaxed and open-ended workshop. Expect large clay pits, giant tools and more of the muddy stuff than you’ve ever seen!

The artist will encourage families to explore clay in new ways, in this unique opportunity to play with the muddy stuff. 

Evanescent Landscape: Falcon Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent

Juree Kim’s residency in Stoke-on-Trent has extended her explorations into architectural heritage and issues surrounding urban regeneration. Kim has engaged with numerous regional sites of historic ceramic production that remain ‘invisible’ due to disuse and decay. Painstaking scale reproductions of these buildings in raw clay, will be ‘activated’ in a performance on the opening evening of the Biennial. These destructive gestures return hours of meticulous craft back into a pulp of raw material, questioning issues surrounding the value of built heritage and preservation. 

Brownsword, Neil and Hyanjong, Oh

Embodied Matter

In collaboration with Valentine Clays and Onggi trained potter Oh Hyangjong, Neil Brownsword arrests a range of intermediary forms that derive from mechanical and manual methods of processing raw clay. These culturally diverse rhythms of labour - from foot wedging to filter press cake, retain within their fabric nonchalant actions and bodily repetitions that occupy territory between raw geology and the crafted object.