British Ceramics Biennial and Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) have an agreement to support an artists exchange programme 2017- 2021.

The connection with Korea was initiated by BCB associate artist Neil Brownsword. Neil, as winner of the Korean International Ceramics Biennial (KICB) prestigious Grand Jury Prize in 2015, developed ambitious exhibitions for presentation as part of Gyeonggi International Ceramic Bienniale and British Ceramics Biennial in 2017. The ground breaking exhibitions included artists residency and live performance with Stoke-on-Trent artists Rita Floyd, Tony Challinor, James Adam and Paul Holdway along with Korean artists Juree Kim, Kangyho Lee,  Oh Hyangjong.

Continuing the exchange a Korean artist will join the BCB 2019, and a UK artist will be supported to participate in the KICB 2019 festival programme.