CPD for Teachers

One of the primary aims of CLAY School is to empower teachers to introduce more ceramics and work with clay into the classroom. We run regular CPD sessions for teachers at CLAY Schools to help them gain the knowledge and confidence to embed ceramics within their school and across the curriculum.

Regular CPD sessions for teachers are a key part of the CLAY School Membership as we support teachers to gain the skills and knowledge needed to embed ceramics and hands-on clay work within their lessons. These include the annual session ‘Intro to Clay’ where teachers who are new to clay and ceramics can learn all of the basics that they need to get them started. Other sessions have included teachers learning skills, such as how to use a kiln and traditional china flower making, and sessions that have been linked to specific projects, such as Cast of Thousands.

Scheduled CPD sessions take place at our Studio on the Spode site, but there are also options for CLAY schools to book their own CPD session that can be delivered at their school.
Information about CPD sessions is available for CLAY School teachers via the CLAY School Newsletter and on the CLAY School Facebook Group page.

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