Playing with clay, making objects, learning new things and working with others are all good for our health.

The BCB Health Programme works with community and health organisations in Stoke-on-Trent to create opportunities for people to explore how creativity best works for them.

“It really does generate a feeling of wellbeing. Everybody is around you, but you’re still in your own world. What’s in front of you, (the clay) that’s all that matters.”

-member of ReCast group

Clay Works

Through the Clay Works project, BCB has collaborated with Starfish Social Hub, Able and Changes Health and Wellbeing to create opportunities for people to explore ideas and experiences through clay. BCB Associate Artist Sarah Fraser has facilitated weekly sessions and short projects that draw on the different states and qualities of clay. Participants have reported changes in confidence, independence and pride as a result of the workshops.

Creative Connections

During the Covid-19 crisis, BCB are experimenting with online group workshops to provide motivation for creative activity during this difficult time. Using only “materials” that can be found in the home, playful exercises will encourage activity through movement, and active use of senses (touch, sight), to support general wellbeing. Each session will have time for reflection, to explore ideas of resilience and support individuals to connect and make meaning through the creative activities. 

Clay Works is supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation and Arts Council England.


We are working with research partners at Keele University and the University of Sunderland to learn more about the relationships between creativity, health and social change.

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