Clay Works with Able

In 2019, BCB received a generous Community Investment Fund grant from Stoke-on-Trent City Council to purchase equipment, tools and furniture for our year round engagement programme. Combined with support from the Garfield Weston Foundation, we have been able to support more people to explore their creativity, and develop their artistic practice.

In early 2020, we delivered a taster session with members of Able at Hanley library. 10 people signed up for a short project at the BCB’s studio at Spode Works.

The group began by making a clay model to share something about themselves: favourite food, place or item of clothing. Each week BCB Associate Artist Sarah Fraser demonstrated new techniques. By the end of the project, the group had created stunning tiles decorated with coloured slip and beautiful vessels decorated with sprigs.

During a feedback session, members of the group reported feeling more confident, proud and independent as a result of the project.


“All our own ideas. Chose our own designs.”


Everyone enjoyed the project, tried new things, and felt good about themselves.

BCB are grateful to the ongoing support of Gill O’Hare and Emma Holland in developing and delivering the project.


“It’s great to see new people at home in the studio after just a couple of weeks. Having a shared space to make, to be creative, and to explore ideas is important for any city. The BCB studio is a wonderful asset for Stoke-on-Trent and it’s great to share that with more people. [Kat Evans, BCB]


Later this year, BCB will invite members of Able back to the studio for a 12 week project, working alongside other community members on a new artistic project led by Sarah Fraser – watch this space!

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