Job Vacancies

BCB advertises all its employment opportunities – both salaried roles within the BCB team and commissioned or associate artist, usually freelance roles.

These vacancies are advertised on our website; through newsletters and social media; via our networks, as well as on the Arts Council’s ‘Arts jobs’ section and other outlets such as:

There is a thorough selection process in place whenever such roles are recruited.

Please note, artist commissions are advertised separately but on a similar basis.


Other Opportunities

Other opportunities such as internships; placements; training and volunteering have all been offered in the past. At present, however, due to Covid19 and recent personnel changes within the organisation, we no longer have the capacity, nor the resources to sustain and support such roles, for the time being. However, we hope in the future to create a post which will support such opportunities and are applying for funding to support this in 2022 and beyond.