Our impact

British Ceramics Biennial makes a huge difference to Stoke-on-Trent, its residents, and to artists working in the field of ceramics.

60,000 people visited BCB 2017 – 27,000 from outside the city. The economic impact of BCB 2017 was estimated at £2,140,556. 

“BCB is uniquely placed to work with the Council, supporting the drive to excel, to lead focused sector developments and beacon projects and present this partnership to the world as an exemplar regeneration initiative, demonstrating the value of arts and culture in fuelling change, growth and wellbeing.” 
– Councillor Abi Brown,

Over a hundred artists participated and contributed to the 2017 BCB festival and 17-18 year-round programme, increasing the awareness and appreciation of the expanded field of ceramics and contributing to its international renaissance. 

“There was a real feeling of buzz and excitement for me in being part of the BCB and this is supported by its location going back to the roots of ceramics without nostalgia but fresh answers.”
– FRESH Artist

Over 4,000 people across 300 workshops got involved in our 2018-19 community engagement programmes, experiencing the social, health, creative or educational benefits of working with clay. People told us they had fun, met new people, learnt new skills and experienced improved wellbeing. 

“I have enjoyed making the clay and going round to see all the stuff. And the messing about part.”
– Pupil
“All students were really excited and made massive amounts of progress.”

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