Equality & Diversity

We recognise that there is an under-representation of diversity in the ceramics sector and acknowledge that as an organisation we share responsibility in addressing systemic inequalities that persist. We need to increase representation of diverse artists and practice in our festival, exhibitions and events programmes.

We have a responsibility to artists working in clay and to the contemporary ceramics sector in addressing the under-representation of diverse artists and the barriers in accessing opportunities to progress. We are taking actions to better support an increase in applications from artists who feel their identity and background are under-represented in our exhibitions and festival programme.

BCB believes that the arts are for everyone and that equality, diversity and inclusion help to support creativity. We are committed to community engagement and encouraging wider access and participation in our work.

We actively encourage and support artists from under-represented communities and people with protected characteristics including those based on race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender, sex, class, sexuality, gender reassignment, learning ability, physical impairment, mental illness, age, occupation, income, wealth and unrelated criminal conviction.

We aim to design our activities, services and decision making processes specifically to encourage and support participation from people who face disadvantage in society, including women, people with disabilities, people who face racial discrimination, LGBTQIA+ people, and people on low incomes.

We understand the above isn’t holistically reflective of the rich community in which we live and work and if you don’t feel this speaks to you and you would like to support how we communicate this in future please get in touch with us: info@britishceramicsbiennial.com

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