Zoe Lloyd

“I do not make classically beautiful objects. I offer instead an alternative order of things, that exist as imaginary and fragmented.

Working intuitively and spontaneously allows me to capture and express the conflict and vulnerability that I sometimes feel, like wading through the harsh reality of being both solitary and attempting to be courageous in the studio.

I start by collaging parts together to form a skin, working through the relationship between the self, the material and the object. Using soft clay and found materials, I construct sensitive, emotive, abstract forms.

Drawing is central to my development of ideas, along with a playfulness and improvisation with materials. I use a variety of printmaking processes incorporating these into my practice in different ways.

I take an experimental approach to my work, and it is here that my mind becomes a melting and growing nerve centre, registering an in-betweenness, where strange things start to happen, that are often un-controllable.

Each work is individual. I am striving to create a unique language, that is caught half way between gesture and thought, and theatrically transformed by glaze.”