Community of Practice Workshops

What are they about?

The Community of Practice workshops (formerly known as the BCB National Summer School) supports the development of creative practice. Workshops are delivered by established artists and leading researchers in contemporary ceramics practice. Offering opportunities for artists to test new ways of working and thinking. This is a platform for individuals eager to learn and to engage with exciting new areas of research and practice.


When does it take place?

Our next up and coming Community of Practice workshops will be announced in early 2022. If you’re interested in hearing from us when they are live please register your interest here Newsletter link?


Who can take part?

The Community of Practice workshops are for anyone wanting to take their making to the next level and get to know other artists. The workshops support artists in the development of ideas, concepts, skills and processes. The workshops can inject fresh energy into your practice or it may provide you with a new project to explore.

The workshops are often challenging but seek to support participants in developing at their own pace. If you’re interested in the workshop theme then you are welcome to join, all skill levels are welcome. If you still feel unsure and would like to speak with someone please get in touch:


How long are the workshops?

Workshop programme is often delivered over five days. However, workshops can differ between taking place on regular days through a month or over a single week.


Past workshops

If you’d like to see the workshops we’ve delivered in the past, please see past workshops below: