Firing Service

Do you have clay work that you need to fire? Hire kiln space in one of our electric kilns at the BCB Studio, Spode Works.



Kiln Specifications

Our biggest kiln is (width x depth x height):

46cm x 68cm x 75cm  


18.1″ X 26.7″ X 29.5″ 

We fire at 1000C, 1140C and 1260C. We can fire to a different temperature if you book a full kiln. Please check the correct firing temperature for your clay and glazes. Firing clay and glazes at the wrong temperatures can damage the kiln and other people’s work.  If you are unsure, please check and discuss it with us first.



Hire a kiln 

For external kiln hire usage (any individual, organisation or project not part of BCB’s programme):  

  • Full Kiln: £250 
  • Kiln Shelf: £60 (max height of 12 cm)



Environmental considerations 

We recognise the impact that the ceramics industry has on the environment, and we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

This includes using firing techniques that minimise energy consumption and waiting until a kiln is full before firing.

We generally fire the kilns twice per week, according to demand. There is a minimum of one-week turnaround for firing work. This may be longer if there is not enough work to be fired at the same temperature. If you’re working to a deadline, we recommend booking a full kiln to ensure your deadline is achievable.



Damage disclaimer

We take great care loading and handling everyone’s work. We make sure it is dry enough for firing. If we are unsure about a piece of work then we may contact you for more information before firing.  

On occasion, damage may happen due to the delicate nature of ceramics. Work fired in a community kiln may also damage or be damaged by the work next to it. It may be better to book a full kiln if you are particularly worried about this.  

BCB is not liable for any compensation for damaged work.  

If your work causes damage to the kiln or kiln furniture, you will be asked to pay a fee to go towards repairing or replacing the kiln elements.




  • The BCB Studio has flat access via lift (115 cm x 93 cm, max load 400kg) 
  • Accessible toilets are available 
  • Assistance dogs welcome 

If you have any questions regarding access please email



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The new BCB Studio has been made possible with funding from Historic England and Stoke-on-Trent City Council via the High Streets Heritage Action Zone alongside generous support from Stoke Creates and local philanthropists via the 2024 Big Give Arts for Impact campaign.