Award 2025 Application Form

About Award

Award is an exhibition that platforms ambition and creative risk-taking within the developing field of contemporary ceramics. It seeks to celebrate the talent and achievements of leading professionals who are pushing at the boundaries of their individual practice and advancing contemporary ceramics practice.

Applications will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • The quality of the artists’ proposal
  • The quality, strength and ambition of artistic practice
  • The potential impact of the proposal on the development of the artists’ practice
  • The potential for the work to connect with audiences


Notes about the submission process

If you are writing your Award proposal, we advise that you write your artist statement, proposal, and environmental impact statement on a separate document, as it will be easier for you to edit and proofread. You can then copy and paste to the form once you are ready.

Your submission form will be saved and stored in your browser in case you lose connection or need to pause. Please do not close the browser if you want to keep your information stored.

If you are submitting an audio or video recording of your Award proposal, you will need to clearly separate each of the three sections, whether that is by speaking aloud or post-video editing. Please include the proposal questions in the recording, you can do this by yourself or someone else can ask you the questions in the recording. Recordings must not be more than six minutes.

Recordings must be uploaded to a website host (Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc.). Please provide us with a link to your recording.



Applicants must also complete the online Diversity and Equality Monitoring Form.