Artist Talk – Jasmine Simpson



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All Saints Church, ST1 3HH
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Free on-site parking, entrance is off Leek Road.

Jasmine Simpson

Jasmine’s work has a strong link to zoomorphic iconography which has been around and consistently used ever since we began depicting animals on cave walls. We use animals to represent ourselves, they have become archetypes, spiritual entities and our greatest allies. Jasmine sees them as a representation of our inner selves. 

Jasmine considers ceramics as a ghostly white canvas that can take any form and alludes to spirit-like animals revealed behind layers of ink, paint, oxides and stains. The creatures within her ceramic sculptures and paintings are used to reflect the ambiguous, dark humour of the human spirit.

Visit Jasmine Simpson’s Instagram.



Artist Talks

During the 2023 British Ceramic Biennial you will have the chance to meet, ask questions and hear from some of the talented artists exhibiting with us this year. The Artist Talks will provide a unique insight into the work and careers of some of the artists and the work they have created especially for the 2023 Biennial.

Each talk will be 30 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A. They will all take place in All Saints Church. Ticket fees are pay-what-you-can.

We will record each Artist Talk and publish them on our website over the coming months.