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About Awarded-Vicky Lindo and William Brookes

Winners of the British Ceramics Biennial 2019 AWARD, Vicky Lindo and William Brookes return to the festival in 2021 to present their new body of work, Follicular and Luteal. 

Selected from an open call of over 150 artists, Vicky and William saw their work chosen from the 10 finalists on display at the exhibition to win the award, which included a prize of £10,000 and a commission for the British Ceramics Biennial 2021. The choice of winner was based on excellence, innovation and creative ambition.


Artist Vicky Lindo comments:

Follicular and Luteal explores the impact on the body and mind, as well as the idea of cyclical patterns.

After nearly 30 years of periods, I realised I knew next to nothing about my menstrual cycle. This cycle which ticks away inside of us, mostly un-noticed, causes hormones to ebb and flow, eggs to ovulate, temperatures to change and blood to be shed. I wonder why it has taken me so long to become interested in this bodily function that has been an intrinsic part of my life, because the more I observe and learn, the more I understand that it is connected to everything we are and do, physically and mentally.

The patterns and rhythms of the cycle are something I have always intuitively included in my artwork, I see this as an opportunity to acknowledge this and bring it to the fore. Working with my partner Bill Brookes and using our research and reflections on the menstrual cycle we will experiment with visual motifs and techniques of production that explore the idea of repetition and change within a cycle, and through this try to learn a little more about the connection between the physical changes within the cycle and the psychological ones.


Exhibiting Artists

Vicky Lindo and William Brookes 

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