Waiting for Odysseus, Tana West

Winner of AWARD 2017, Tana West, has created a new body of work for this years festival. As a continuation of her [UN]WOVEN project, made for BCB 2017, which explored material and personal connections across Europe utilising small quantities of clay donated from people across the world. Since 2017 the network of connections has expanded, both local and global, and the clayey-soil donated will be made into a ceramic tapestry in the process of being made and un-made.

“Bringing together personal trajectories of the individuals donating the material, the ceramic threads represent these connections and histories, forming a constitutive part of the whole artwork. We are living in an increasingly complex world, with social networks and interconnectedness across geographic boundaries or historical divides, a riot of overlapping threads.”



Eusebio Sanchez

As winner of BCB Fresh 2017, Eusebio Sanchez was awarded a short residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre. For BCB 2019. Sanchez and has been invited to present new work made since his time in Denmark.

Sanchez celebrates the prehistoric method of hand building coiling, finding it fascinating that as a process, coiling is rooted in the history of craft and ceramics so deeply and still plays a crucial role in contemporary making. Frequently the work takes Sanchez on a material and narrative journey and as he progresses through deeply intuitive processes he makes decisions to shape the final form different to the one he had in mind. He lets the form be, and he lets serendipity happen in the search for a new structural complexity