Breaking with Tradition   

Venue details
The Burton at Bideford Art Gallery and Museum Kingsley Rd Bideford EX39 2QQ

A ceramics exhibition in collaboration with The Burton at Bideford Art Gallery and Museum and British Ceramics Biennial. This show explores how the clay traditions of Stoke-on-Trent and Bideford differ historically and how new artists and makers embrace and challenge these narratives.  

Through a new partnership, The Burton at Bideford Art Gallery and Museum and British Ceramics Biennial are celebrating the importance of heritage and place in the progression of contemporary ceramic practice.     

Showcasing a range of established, resident and early career artists, Breaking with Tradition seeks to highlight how artists can connect us with the traditions of our places in entirely new ways. These rich traditions have been the inspiration for this exhibition, and the contemporary makers which are featured.  


Artists and projects: 

Laura Plant, Awarded Fresh Talent, BCB 

Toni de Jesus, Awarded Fresh Talent, BCB 

Pam Su, Awarded Fresh Talent, BCB 

Nico Conti, Fresh, BCB 

Dorcas Casey, Fresh, BCB 

Leora Honeyman, Fresh, BCB 

Vicky Lindo and William Brookes, Awarded, BCB 

Stoke Makes Plates – The Hub Fenton, Stoke Recovery Service, Anjum Malik, BCB. 

Dylan Bowen 

Taz Pollard 

Popalini & Jezando 

Claire Scott 

Jackson Sprague 

Svend Bayer 

Simon Bayliss 

Clive Bowen 

Brannam Pottery 

Braunton Pottery 

Sandy Brown 

Michard Cardew 

Marianne de Trey 

Fremington Pottery 

Richard Godfrey 

Sam Haile 

Bernard Leach 

David Leach 

John Leach 

Michael Leach