Ceramic Cities Exchange – Kasama and Stoke-on-Trent

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The Goods Yard, Glebe Street
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  • Open 10am-5pm Wednesday-Sunday (last admission 4pm)
    Closed to the public Monday and Tuesday
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The festival is closed to the public Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please note, last admission is at 4pm.

About Ceramic Cities Exchange – Kasama and Stoke-on-Trent

British Ceramics Biennial is involved in a number of international projects working with organisations and initiatives in supporting artists exchange aiming to deepen cultural and artist-lead dialogues between countries, organisations, artists and potters. 

Platformed at BCB 2021, Kasama Potters, Clay College and Staffordshire University embark on a new collaboration and exchange between Stoke-on-Trent and Kasama, Japan. The initiative seeks to meaningfully build upon the Kasama Potters exhibition at BCB 2019 and the existing connection between Stoke-on-Trent and Kasama as places of significant ceramic heritage and contemporary practice. The exchange will take place through exhibition and through an online exchange programme. 

This exhibition seeks to highlight the talent located in and emerging from Kasama and Stoke-on-Trent and the relevance that intercultural exchange can have in better understanding the significance of our places as the catalyst for creative innovation and excellence. 


Artists Involved

Kasama Potters 

Akiko Ozutsumi 

Akio Nukaga 

Aya Kondo 

Giran Sagawa 

Hideki Inoue 

Hiroshi Kikuchi 

Hiroshi Ōtsu 

Hiroyuki Ōnuki 

Ken Shōji 

Kenichiro Inoue 

Kenji Tayama 

Kinya & Masako Furukawa 

Kōichi Iinuma 

Kōji Masubuchi 

Kōji Toda 

Makoto Oki 

Mamoru Teramoto 

Masashi Kawamatsu 

Michitaka Fukuno 

Mishio Suzuki 

Miyuki Machida 

Monika Furuya 

Osamu Tsutsui 

Rieko Yura 

Shinya Take 

Shūji Haneishi 

Shungo Nemoto 

Takahiro Manome 

Takuya Maruyama 

Tatsushi Nemoto 

Tetsuo Kobayashi 

Tomoka Nomura 

Yukihito Nakata 

Yukikatsu Isobe 


Staffordshire University 

Nicole Waefler 

Valerie Zoz 

Yunji Shin 


Clay College Stoke 

Shaun McGurdy 

Birgit Pohl 

Natalia Kasprzyca 

Nicky Collins 

Frances Savage 

Ervin Cirikovic 

Jess MasonKira CataniElle Thomason 

Sandra Moll 

Jessica Turrell 

Sharon Lea 

Charlotte Kluge 

Han Nguyen 


Organisations Involved

Kasama City, Japan is approximately 60 miles north of Tokyo and is renowned for its rich ceramic culture. Falling on hard times in the post war era, its identity has been rebuilt by the community of ceramic artisans who have based themselves there. Traditional Kasama-ware was practical objects for the kitchen and tables of Tokyo, modern Kasama ceramics stretch from attractive tableware to the work of master potters. With enthusiastic support from the city government, and centered on the large Spring pottery fair, Kasama has become a destination to learn, make and buy quality ceramics.

Kasama Potters Website Link


Clay College Stoke opened its doors in Sept 2017, with a mission to teach practical pottery skills and design to an international standard and to create highly-skilled, self-sufficient and diverse makers.
Clay College Stoke website link.


Staffordshire University is recognised worldwide teaching ceramics education in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of UK ceramics for over 2 centuries in the Potteries. This long-established course consistently produces career-ready graduates that are in demand by leading ceramic companies both in the UK and overseas.
Staffordshire University website link.


Supported By

Ceramic Cities Exchange is supported by Clay College, Kasama Potters and Staffordshire University.