#ClayAtHome Drawing Portraits



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A Zoom link will be sent out ahead of the workshops

#ClayAtHome is back!

Join artist Sarah Fraser and let her guide you and your little ones through some fun and playful drawing techniques. These workshops are all about using what you have at home to get creative and draw in different ways. It is aimed at families, particularly with younger children aged 7 – 11 who want to learn new creative skills at home.

In this workshop learn the art of drawing portraits from real life models (people who live in your home) and through a phone/laptop screen. We’ll use materials and tools you can find around the house, in the garden or out on a walk. Get creative with your family, learn drawing skills and meet new people!


Getting ready for #ClayAtHome Drawing Portraits

Go out into the garden or on your walk and collect a small amount of soil or mud. Save your teabags for the week and prepare your ink (recipe below). Collect sticks, leaves, seed heads, forks, whisk, wooden spoon, sponges from around your the home or on your walk.

Tea ink:

Get an adult to help you: Collect about 5 used teabags and put them in a pot with half a cup of water. Add 2 teaspoons of salt. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 min. take out the teabags and pour into a jar or cup to use once its has cooled down.

Coffee Ink:

Get an adult to help you: Put two heaped teaspoons of instant coffee in a mug. Add a tiny amount of boiling water, just covering the powder. Stir well until it dissolves and then and 4 teaspoons of cold water


What will I need?

  • Paper (it doesn’t need to be new, you can use old envelopes or cardboard boxes)
  • A bit of mud (about a tablespoon)
  • Tea or coffee ink (see above)
  • A collection of tools to draw with such as sticks, seed heads, sponge, kitchen utensils
  • A few small tubs (such as old yogurt pots)


Please note:

  • All children must be supervised by an adult
  • BCB will be recording the session on Zoom to be shared on social media at a later date. If you do not want to be in the footage, leave your camera turned off
  • You may be asked to mute you microphone during some parts of the session.