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Making a living: Using what you have in different ways


* UPDATE This session is now running online, rather than in-person.


What is this session about?

This session covers the different ways of making a living and how artists and creative businesses may already have what they need. It’s led by Film Maker, Photographer and Creative Strategist Derrick Egblewogbe, and Artist and Founder of Alou Amy Louise Davis. Derrick and Amy will share how they created a creative business from the different skills they have, how they have up-skilled and used their purpose to create different but interconnected income streams. Through presentation, activities and discussion, this session will demonstrate how to meaningfully diversify your income and practice in connection with your purpose and existing skillset.  


What will this session cover?

  • How to approach diversifying income.  
  • The different strategies and tools to use in implementing different strands of practice and income. 
  • Activities, brainstorming and question-based activities to help guide you towards potential income streams. 
  • The balance of a portfolio practice with purpose, fulfilment, audience and income. 


Who is the session for?

  • People who feel unsure about what income streams are available to them and how to go about figuring it out.
  • People who are stuck with limited income streams and want to diversify but don’t know how.
  • People with too many income streams and feel they need to focus. 
  • Students or people early in their career and want to start building a tool kit to help manage a sustainable career. 


Who is delivering?

Amy Louise Davis 

Amy Louise Davis is a textile artist and embroiderer fascinated by sculpture and pattern. Influenced by environmental and social issues, she created Alou in 2013 to tackle throw-away culture. Amy uses her skills in sculpting and embroidery to conceptualise and design artefacts to create awareness of the throw-away problem. She has a particular interest in repurposing and seeking potential in overlooked or pre-loved materials. Over time, Alou has expanded in scope, placing a strong focus on 1) bringing communities together to tackle issues; 2) inspiring others to become creative, and 3) exploring the relationship between sustainability and mindfulness. 

See more of Amy’s work.  


Derrick Egblewogbe 

Derrick Egblewogbe is a creative strategist, graphic designer, filmmaker, and photographer, based in Staffordshire. He enjoys mixing different forms of media to deliver a message to his audience. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Derrick moved to the UK when he was 13 and has since been using his experience living of different cultures to influence his work. 

 See more of Derrick’s work.


How to book?

All Factory events are free and tickets are booked through the event pages on the BCB website.


What is Factory?

This workshop is proudly run as part of the creative business support programme, Factory. Factory is a partnership between Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce, Staffordshire University, British Ceramics Biennial and ACAVA. The programme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Visit our main Factory page for more information about other opportunities and workshops run through Factory. 


Online Access: 

  • In advance of each event we aim to share an overview of the event including tasks that may be given to participants you can prepare.
  • We will enable captions for anyone to access and download from the event. 
  • We will record each online event so you can re-watch the event. 
  • We will share a resource pack after the event including summary notes, relevant links shared during the event, the event transcript and the event recording. 


If there is anything we can do to support your participation in the event please get in touch with: rhiannon@britishceramicsbiennial.com to discuss what we can put in place for you.