(In-person) Factory Seminar – Costing a Project Effectively

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Room L410, Flaxman Building, Staffordshire University, College Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2DE
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This event is in-person

What is the Factory Seminar – Costing a Project Effectively about?

Money matters, so how do you ensure a project fee covers your costs? Join artists Deborah Rogers and Katrina Wilde for this in-person Factory Seminar – Costing a Project Effectively for an open and honest discussion about budgets. Work through real-life scenarios and figure out when to say yes to a project, when to say no and when to say yes, but only if…  

Deborah and Katrina will draw on their own experiences of being commissioned artists and running arts organisations, sharing the true facts and figures behind specific arts projects. Love what you do and want to be paid fairly? Let’s work it out together as a creative community. This is an interactive session, and we welcome you to bring along any questions, scenarios or examples that you would like to explore.  Please note, this is an in-person event.


What will this session cover?  

  • Breaking down a project fee
  • Costing a project or commission (day rates, materials, experience)
  • Working with others (effective collaboration, trust, contracts )


Who is the session for? 

  • People who are starting out in their creative career and want to realistically cost a project and manage a budget
  • People who are reviewing how they go about charging for their time, skills and expertise    
  • Students or people early in their career who want to start building a tool kit to help manage a sustainable career


Who is delivering? 

Deborah Rogers  is an artist thatworks witha range of materials, techniques and characters. She has used her recent work ‘Becoming Animal’ to explore transformation, particularly that related to women and specifically menopause.Sheis developing this work at DerbyUniversityresearching animal ethics in art. 

Her arts practice began in 1990 after graduating in Fine Art at Staffordshire University. She has also worked as a participatory artist for 27years specialising in arts and health with The Cultural Sisters.She has been the arts coordinator for the local SoT Pride charity for 10 years.Her working-class background influences her approach and attitude to art and engagement. Her studio is based at AirSpace Gallery in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
Deborah Rogers website link.

Katrina Wilde is an artist working with plants, people and materials. Her practice focuses on local ecologies, material research and community engagement, exploring how these things can be connected through the language of colour. Katrina works part-time with both ArtsKeele, the Portland Inn Project CIC, and co-runs Ground; hosting seasonal, material-led workshops in Stoke-on-Trent. Her studio is based at ACAVA Spode Works, Stoke-on-Trent.
Katrina Wilde website link.


Where does it take place? 

 Room L410, Flaxman Building, Staffordshire University, College Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2DE,


How to book? 

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What is Factory? 

This workshop is proudly run as part of the creative business support Factory, which is a partnership betweenStaffordshire Chambers of Commerce,Staffordshire University, British Ceramics Biennial andACAVA. The programme is part funded by theEuropean Regional Development Fund.Visit our main Factory pagefor more information about other opportunities and workshops run through Factory.