International Artists Exchange: Japan



Artists: Kozan Gama, Juhaku Inoue, Hideki Inoue, Aya Kondo, Koji Mamoru, Teramoto Masubuchi, Karin Miyamoto, Hiroshi Otsu, Osamu Tsutsui, Masayuki Uraguchi


Kasama is a city around 60 miles north of Tokyo, which is known for its rich ceramic culture.  Falling on hard times in the post war era, its identity has been rebuilt by the community of ceramic artisans who have based themselves there.  Traditional Kasama-ware was practical objects for the kitchens and tables of Tokyo, modern Kasama ceramics stretch from attractive tableware to the work of master potters. With enthusiastic support from the city government, and centred on the large Spring pottery fair, Kasama has become a destination to learn, make and buy quality ceramics.

This display, in collaboration with the wagumi design shop in London’s Oxo Tower, brings together generations of Kasama ceramicists.  This encompasses creative pottery houses, renowned masters, and the new generation of potters who have established themselves in the city.

Hoping to find points of commonality and inspiration, it is also the first stage of an exchange between the ceramic cities of Kasama and Stoke-on-Trent.  Based on a shared experience of recovery and renewal it points to possibilities for locations built on their work with clay.