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About Made in Stoke-on-Trent

This project has been designed to promote the work of Ceramic Artists who either work in North Staffordshire or have a strong connection with The Potteries, and to involve people who live and work in Stoke on Trent in their authentic culture first-hand as active participants and celebrants of this rich local heritage.  

This will be done by holding a number of events, exhibitions and public engagements across Stoke-on-Trent in a range of unconventional settings and community venues in order to extend access to art, craft and the City’s wider heritage and culture. 

The series of activities will run at the same time as the renowned British Ceramic Biennial who have a wider remit providing a platform for contemporary ceramics drawing on global themes and working with exceptional international artists.  

The project will significantly add to the burgeoning  fringe of shows, and events around the BCB (in the spirit of The Edinburgh Fringe), enabling the people of the Potteries to have access to, see, take part in and learn about ceramic art and craft in their communities – made by, and with, people who are part of the artistic heritage of Stoke on Trent. Furthermore it will demonstrate without doubt, that there is a future for ceramic art and craft in North Staffordshire, and its diverse communities are very much part of this story. 

A series of pop-up events throughout Stoke, Shelton and Hanley with ceramic art/craft themes made by local potters and/or local communities through projects or participatory programmes. These will be published on our website with all join up, take part and view instructions. Also on social media/media running up to and during the time.



Events are open to the public, all ages are welcome.


Artists Involved

Will Boyce 

My formal art education started in 1977 at North Herts College where I studied A level Art and A level Pottery. From there I went to Herts College of Art and Design undertaking their Foundation Course in 1981. This lead me to North Staffordshire Polytechnic graduating in 1984 with a BA Hons in Arts and Design. 

My passion from a very early age (approximately 7) has been ceramic sculpture; not that I would have called it that until I got to Herts College. I have drawn on many areas of inspiration for my work but the commonality is the world & society around me or as Shakespeare said ” A mirror to nature”. 


Danny Callaghan 

I have worked in a wide range of professional arts, creative heritage & cultural industries roles for more than 25 years. I have been employed & commissioned by organisations in the public, voluntary & private sectors. I have worked as an artist, researcher & project facilitator. Often working within the context of regeneration or development initiatives; key themes in my work include: identity, place & local distinctiveness. My own creative practice has also been varied; from site & context specific public art to street art campaigns deploying paper cuts, décollage & guerrilla ceramics used to map neighbourhoods & ‘trade’ with a variety of communities both local & further afield.  

I grew up in The Potteries; I am passionate about the city’s cultural & economic renewal. I believe Stoke-on-Trent’s unique historic ceramic industry & its truly global legacy provides an essential & powerful driver for renewal & future growth. My specific passions are tiles, art mosaic & architectural ceramics. 

Danny Callaghan website link.


Philip Hardaker 

Artist, Arts Consultant for Community, Education and Public Arts. Philip Hardaker was born in Harrogate, North Yorshire in 1954. He attended Harrogate College of Art in 1975 then went on to North Staffordshire Polytechnic to gain a first class honours degree in Fine Art Sculpture. He moved to London in 1977 when he attended the Royal College of Art and gained an M. A in Fine Art Ceramics in 1980. Since 1985 he has lived in a seventeenth century packhorse inn on the outskirts of Stoke on Trent, working as a sculptor mainly in the public sector and undertaking many educational projects and private commissions. 

Philip Hardaker website link.


Gillie Nicholls  

Born in Stoke-on-Trent (“with clay in my veins”). In 1981, I graduated from North Staffs Polytechnic, having studied pottery under Derek Emms. He combined the influence of Japanese art – gleaned from his own teacher, Bernard Leach – with a thorough approach to understanding clay’s various glazes and firing techniques.   

I’ve spent many years of mixing clays and glazes, learning the craft of building and firing complex shapes alongside simple functional wares, during the summer of 2017, I happened upon sculpture. I quickly realised that I already had all of the essential technical ability, there at my fingertips. More recently, I have begun to explore the synthesis of pots and human form through clay portraiture. The foray has propelled me on a new and compelling journey, joining up all my inspirational dots. 

Gillie Nicholls website link.


Cath Ralph 

Cath is an artist, potter & musician. Her extensive creative practice includes wide ranging roles & community development settings over more than 20 years. Her focus is socially engaged art, culture and wellbeing. Formerly Chief Executive of the Burslem School of Art for 12 years, Development Manager for Staffordshire University for 6 years and Executive Director for the award-winning arts organisation Walk the Plank cited as the UK’s largest outdoor arts company.  

Cath is a non- executive Director of 3 more organisations with philanthropic aims in cultural and community development, and works for herself as a consultant, advisor and culture and community practitioner. 

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Staffordshire University and an MA from University of South Wales in related subject specialisms. 



Details of all events and booking requirements can be found on the Made In Stoke website.

Made In Stoke website link.


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Made in Stoke on Trent is supported by All the Small Things and Ceramic City Stories.