Stoke Makes Plates – My Plate by Anjum Malik 

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The Goods Yard, Glebe Street
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The festival is closed to the public Mondays and Tuesdays.

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About Stoke Makes Plates – My Plate by Anjum Malik 

My Plate is part of the Stoke Makes Plates exhibition. Commissioned writer, Anjum Malik, has collaborated with ceramic artist, Joanne Mills, to create these works. She has also worked alongside community groups to create poems using the participants’ own words. You can read these poems within the Stoke Makes Plates exhibition and a digital pattern book which will be available to view when the festival opens.  


My Plate                                                                                               

A shared plate between them 

for each meal, eating together

my parent, smiling, joking, flirting

he calls her, meri Taari, my star

she replies, mera Chaand, my moon

– Anjum Malik


A Ghazal is a poem, consisting of no fewer than five couplets or more.  Each couplet is syntactically and grammatically complete with an intricate rhyming scheme. 

A Family consists of one or more adults sharing a commitment of caring for their children through birth, adoption, sharing a domestic arrangement. 

A Dinner service is a complete set of plates and dishes with the same design used when serving a meal to a group, such as a family. 

My Plate is a celebration of my family using the form of ghazal, the ties and rituals of family, the beauty, tradition and uniting of a dinner service around a meal, showcasing social, cultural overlaps.


Exhibiting Artist

Anjum Malik
Anjum Malik website link.


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The project was supported by Stoke Town High Street Heritage Action Zone.