Production Line



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The Production Line is open Wednesday – Sunday between 7th September and 13th October.

Artists: Sarah Fraser, Flatback Production Team, Clay Comrades
Flatback Production Group: Svetlana Antolova, Kerry Aubrey, Anne Austin, Sandie Bebbington, Sue Blatherwick, Judith Bishop, Angela Boote, Trudie Crampton, Rebecca Davies, Sara Devari, Anna Francis, Dalit Fischman, Mark Harrison, Claire Heath, Kay Hickinbottom, Natalie Ilsley Kevin Lee Soulmaz, Mosari Helen Morgan Tara Noroozi, Les Papiernik Lilia Rostami, Lily Rostami Yousef Rostami, Stephen Snell, Asal Vahidi and Burslem China Painters.


Visit the British Ceramics Biennial’s Production Line from Wednesday – Sunday for drop-in demonstrations of flatback figurine production by members of the Cultural Icons Flatback production team. Learn about the process of press-moulding, fettling and decorating.

The production team is made up of Clay Comrades and individuals who have been involved in various BCB Health and Community projects. During production, the makers have been working alongside artists and skilled craftspeople,   developing their clay skills. Visitor will have a chance to gain a personal perspective on the making process.

Production Line is a workspace set up in the China Hall where visitors will have opportunities to watch or get involved in making a contemporary Staffordshire flat-back figurine, or join in the production of press moulded figures for the Cast of 1000’s project. Members of the public will be learning how to make from the community of makers who have been involved in producing a special edition of Flatbacks for the Cultural Icons BCB exhibition at Potteries Museum and Art Gallery. There will be chance to be involved in the various stages from pressing, fettling, to painting and gain an insight into the process from start to finishIt is a space to bring people together and share knowledge. It is a chance for connecting with painters and makers in the industry who form part of the process of ceramic production and who have skills and experience to pass on to others through demonstration and hands-on activities.

This project is kindly supported by Stoke-on-Trent City Council through their Community Investment Fund.

The Production Line is open Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm  with drop-in to demonstrations happening on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 3:30 – 5:00pm.