Spode Works Site: Focus Weekend



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The Spode Museum, Elenora St
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  • Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30am-4pm

Artists: Neil Brownsword, Emma Fellows, Richard Harper, Dr Karina Rodriguez Echavarria

In addition to the on-site weekly programme of activities the focus weekend will include a special series of talks, tours and demonstrations led by Neil Brownsword and Karina Rodriguez Echavarria, to take place in the China Hall and Spode Museum Heritage Centre. These events form part of an ongoing series of events happening throughout the BCB festival which enable public interaction with the live digitisation of materials associated with the legacy of the Spode factory, at the Spode Museum Trust Heritage Centre offering insights into the documentation and creative dissemination of cultural heritage.


10: 30am – 4:30pm Sat&Sun – Spode China Hall

Throughout the day members of staff from Staffordshire University will share their on-going research through live demonstration, exploring the use of new technologies to create digital 3D archives. Their work supports the preservation of Spode’s collection of Historic Moulds with demonstrations to include photogrammetry, a method used in the accurate 3D reconstruction of physical objects and environments. Visitors can also navigate their way into the former factory’s mould stores through virtual reality technologies.


10: 30am – 4:30pm Sat&Sun -Spode China Hall

Dr Karina Rodriguez Echavarria, University of Brighton will demonstrate  live digitisation of a core sample of historic mould typologies, using various 3D scanning technologies.


12.30pm – 1.30pm Sat&SunSpode China Hall

Rodriguez will illuminate the live digitisation processes and their role in heritage documentation during two lunchtime lectures to take place 12.30 – 1.30 and discuss broader aspects of her career including her recent work on digitising V&A’s copy of Trajan’s Column. Rodriguez is a Principal Lecturer at the Research Centre for Secure, Intelligent and Usable Systems in the University of Brighton. Her interdisciplinary background brings together the fields of computer science and cultural heritage. She has led research in several national and European projects in the areas of digital collections, semantic analysis and 3D technologies for cultural heritage.


Spode Museum Trust Heritage Centre will stage an on-going live research lab which explores the use of new technologies to create 3D digital surrogates in support of the preservation of the former Spode Factory’s collection of Historic Moulds. These will include photogrammetry a method used in the accurate 3D reconstruction of physical objects and environments.


In addition to the above talks we will be joined by Stoke’s own Poet Laurette, Stephen Seabridge, who will be leading a poetry tour of the site:

Festival Drift with Steven Seabridge
11am-12pm, 2pm-3pm Sunday only – Spode Works

Join Stephen Seabridge, Poet Laureate of Stoke-on-Trent, for a drift writing workshop at the Spode Factory focus weekend. You will respond to artworks, add to the growing collection of festival experiences, and consider the exciting methods of psychogeography. All welcome.

Please book to ensure your place, drop-ins welcome depending on capacity. Maximum of 10 participants.