Stoke Makes Plates – Vicky Lindo & Duchess China 1888 

About Stoke Makes Plates – Vicky Lindo & Duchess China 1888

As part of our Stoke Makes Plates exhibition for BCB 2021, we brought together Vicky Lindo (AWARD 2019 Winner*), with the remarkable bone china production of Duchess China 1888. Vicky and Duchess China 1888 created a Stoke-made plate commemorating two of Vicky’s personal, yet recognisable, experiences of 2020/21.

250 signed, limited additions were created for each plate design and made available to buy. The money raised will fund further projects with our community partners. More information can be found further down on the page.

*Vicky Lindo and her partner William Brookes were the winners of AWARD 2019 with their work Dead Dad Book. Read more on their winning exhibition Dead Dad Book.


Garden Haircut 

‘Garden Haircut is just about that. I cut my daughters hair in the garden on the first day of lockdown, the scissors were a bit blunt, and I ended up hacking great lumps out of it. We left the clumps of hair in the garden for the birds to make nests with. I feel the slightly mad nature of what we’ve been through in the past year is reflected in the plate, slightly wobbly and chaotic.’ – Vicky Lindo


Deep End Dollys 

‘Like many people, my daughter and I took solace in spending time in the sea during the lockdowns. We are proud to say we have swum in the sea most weeks in every month of the year now. It’s something I’ve never contemplated doing before, but have become completely addicted.’ – Vicky Lindo


Exhibiting Artist

Vicky Lindo
Vicky Lindo website link.



Duchess China 1888.
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The money raised from the sale of the plates will fund further projects with our community partners. Each project will have a focus on wellbeing and creativity. Through Stoke Makes Plates, we have started many new relationships with local people who represent the diverse community of Stoke-on-Trent. Following their introduction to clay, we plan to work with them long-term to allow the benefits of clay and creativity to have some real impact. 

Learn more about the Stoke Makes Plates project.


Supported By

These plates are produced in partnership with Duchess China 1888 and are part funded by Stoke Town High Street Heritage Action Zone.