Terms and Conditions: Propositions in Clay



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AirSpace Gallery, 4 Broad Street, City Centre
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  • Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm
    Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Artists: Mark Dunhill, Tamiko O’Brien,


A residency and exhibition of new works by artists Dunhill and O’Brien.

At a time when digital technologies allow us to scan and replicate complex forms and gain instant access to a huge wealth of knowledge and information, the business of making by hand could seem to be unnecessary and nostalgic. This project focuses on the largely overlooked knowledge and skills of a group of local people, including a dentist, hairdresser, masseur, blacksmith, boulderer, dressmaker, jeweler and design technologist each of whom has their own unique 3D thinking and making skills. Working with 4 tons of clay the artists will adopt a performative and participatory approach, playfully revelling in the dialogue between the eye, hand, intellect and material. In this way it sets out to celebrate the ingenuity and problem solving skills of these individuals, and to draw our attention to the importance and culture of ‘hands on’ practice.

Terms & Conditions will enact AirSpace Gallery and Gladstone Pottery Museum as sites for the residency, workshops, talks and exhibition of ambitious new artworks, throughout the Festival period.