BCB 2021 Artist Talks: Steve Dixon

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Originally recorded on 18 September 2021.

During BCB 2021, Creative Producer Rhiannon Ewing-James sat down with some of the many talented artists exhibiting in the biennial. Through these talks, artists shared in-depth and behind the scenes stories about how it was creating work during 2021, their careers as artists, their greatest inspirations and the artwork they created especially for BCB 2021.


About the Artist

Steve Dixon, AWARD Winner, British Ceramics Biennial 2021

Dixon’s work operates at the intersection of art and craft, where the traditions of fine craftsmanship creatively collide with visual narrative to examine the social and political issues of our troubled times. The installation for BCB AWARD 2021 extends his engagement with the ongoing tragedy of forced migration, which was initiated in the BCB 2017 project Refugee Tales. This new work, Transient: The Ship of Dreams and Nightmares*, will compare the contemporary migration routes of refugees and asylum seekers with the historic migration of tin-glazed ceramics from the Middle East through Europe to the UK, through the materiality of maiolica.

Steve Dixon website link.

*Steve Dixon was announced as the winner of AWARD 2021 for his work, Transient: The Ship of Dreams and Nightmare. Find out more


With thanks to BCB Festival Assistants James and Connor for their support with filming.