Help centre

Frequently asked questions for the BCB Player – both live and on-demand.

1. How do tickets work for online events?

All our online events are either free or allow you to choose your own price, but they require booking prior to the event. To book, simply go to the event you’re interested in and click the Book Now button that appears on the right-hand of the page for desktop or part-way down for mobile devices.

2. I've booked a ticket, how do I access the event?

If you’ve booked a Livestream ticket for our Weekend Artist Talks, visit the event page on the website and log in, if you’re not already logged in. When the event begins, a Watch Now button will replace the Book Now button.

For all other online events, a Zoom link will be sent out ahead of the event.

3. Can I interact or participate in the online events?

You can ask questions and interact in all our online events. We encourage it!

4. I'm having trouble booking or accessing an event. Who can I contact?

We’re sorry you’re having trouble! Please email with any questions, concerns or issues.

5. Do I have to pay to access the content on your Media Library?

No, you are welcome to enjoy all the content on our Media Player for free and as many times as you’d like.

If you enjoyed the content, donations are welcome to help us continue to run our festivals and year-round health, community & education programmes. Support our work here.

Please note, we will be adding to our Media Library during and after the 2021 festival.

6. Are captions available on your online events?

Yes, all our live events and recorded content have closed captioning for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences.