Clay Works? A Collaborative PhD by Dena Bagi

Clay Works? 

Collaborative PhD by Dena Bagi – in collaboration with The British Ceramics Biennial and the Crafts Council UK.

Can a ‘clay pedagogy’ be designed to, which transfer maker processes into an addiction context, to have specific value?

Researcher Dena Bagi is bringing together: the unique cathartic qualities of clay, the experiential learning landscape of the gallery, and the pillars of addiction recovery – to form a specific learning model (or pedagogical design). The aim of the pedagogical design is that is guides the curation of effective clay interactions for those in recovery – to bring about real life-changes.

This PhD will be conducted in close collaboration with individuals in recovery and makers. The outcome, the #claypedagogy, or toolkit, will be published in 2024.

Clay Works? works closely with The British Ceramics Biennial and the Crafts Council UK. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), via the Northern Bridge Consortium. It is supervised by Professor Andrew Livingston (Art and Design) and Professor Catherine Hayes (Learning and Teaching) at The University of Sunderland.

Dena Bagi is a researcher and gallery-based learning designer, who works closely with community members and artists to design clay workshops, project and learning/play spaces. She believes passionately that working with clay can have a profound effect on ‘healing’ and health in general.


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