Alice Walton

Alice Walton works with coloured clay in its various plastic states, aiming to highlight the meditative process of the material. Her sculptural and abstract forms explore complex and intense surface textures and intend to create intrigue. In a world that is increasingly changing minute by minute she attempts to slow down, allowing her work to steadily evolve, brick by brick, pin mark by pin mark. Her work is about a consideration of the everyday, taking time to notice the unseen things in our environment and re-evaluating them. 

Her ceramic work incorporates a fascination for noticing common street objects, passed by in our everyday lives. She investigates how they can transform into unusual and extraordinary objects, which form a new abstract landscape. 

The repetitive nature of mark making mimics the constant review of certain objects on her daily commutes e.g. bollards, brickwork and pipework. As reference, she combines and brings photographic collages and drawings from memory into the studio to work from. This takes her work away from literal street inspiration and transforms it into an imaginative collection of objects.