Amy Mackle

Based on the shores of Carlingford Lough, Amy’s work is made predominantly in porcelain but she also dabbles in different clays and materials and is inspired by many things – mainly her sense of place and where she lives.

Having graduated from Belfast School of Art in 2016 she worked at the International Ceramic Research centre in Denmark and gained experience in many aspects of ceramic practice.  She is currently the artist-in-residence at Belfast School of Art and her work continues to develop and evolve as she progresses with the making of both bespoke installation work and work designed for the home.

One-off gallery pieces are an exploration of the ceramic medium and how it interacts and reacts with other materials and processes. Inspired by the constructive nature of the urban, these works are landscapes in themselves. A collection of repeated shapes and objects which are both familiar and unfamiliar, pieces are intricately connected, work in simulation with one another, and are constructed together in delicate compositions to present a contemporary interpretation of how boundaries effect space.

An exploration of construction, architecture, material and quantity has resulted in a colourful collective of various material objects. A hand-built 3D drawing explores transition of place and construction of space alongside transitions and construction of materials.