Attila Olah

“An often overlooked aspect of ceramics and ice is time. Ceramics, more than any other medium, has managed to record the evolution of the human race. This might explain why ceramics has remained amongst a few of the most widely recognised and most-readily appreciable forms of self-expression. Over thousands of years through association with birth, nourishment, ritual, celebration and death, the ceramic vessel has become deeply rooted in the human psyche. Throughout the world, the ceramic vessel has become an archetypal symbol of the human body bringing to mind images of fragility, purpose, service, fulfilment… even the Creator.

Through studying design at Liverpool Hope University, I have developed a genuine interest in Anglo-Oriental pottery and have become drawn to explore the physical, conceptual and spiritual dimensions of the vessel. Inspiration often comes from an intimate engagement with raw materials as well as from continuous experimentation with form, surface, scale and composition.

Working as a commercial ice sculptor at Glacial Art Ice Sculptors and working under the wings of Claudi Casanovas, Catalan ceramic sculptor, have given me the insight and privilege to create a bridge between ceramics and ice. Through juxtaposing and merging these two contrasting material areas a fresh visual language and new contexts have begun to reveal themselves.”