Elliot Denny

Elliott Denny is a potter from a graphic design and printmaking background. Primarily, he produces porcelain tableware, thrown and turned on the wheel or produced in moulds in a clean minimalist style.

Elliott’s shapes, colour ways and surfaces reference the natural environment, industrial components and architectural forms. He is interested in historical and modern industrial production techniques and how they can be used in the contemporary ceramics studio.

For the British Ceramics Biennial Award 2019 in Stoke-on-Trent, London based designer and potter Elliott Denny presented ‘The Only Tolerable Turner’, a project that delved into The Potteries rich history of industrial lathe turning to produce an installation of new ceramic objects and production devices. The presented porcelain assemblages, combined a variety of lathe turning techniques with self-made machines inspired by Josiah Wedgwood’s ingenious 1760’s engine lathe to create a body of work evocative of industrial landscapes and mechanical components.