Nigel Bellingham

Nigel joined BCB in September 2022 and now oversees their partnerships, operations, finances and development. Nigel has long experience working in education and culture, supporting UK organisations to build international exchange programmes.

Prior to taking up his role at BCB, he worked as a senior manager at the British Council (the UK’s principal organisation for international exchange in arts and education), working in a range of countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. He has a background in education, having taught and been a teacher trainer in schools, universities and Ministries of Education in the UK, Nigeria and Egypt.

As a programme and partnerships manager Nigel has worked with national governments, international organisations such as the EU and the World Bank, businesses and charitable foundations. He has long had a particular interest in cultural and educational programmes which enrich the lives of young people and bring about positive change for the societies they live in.