What is this project about? 

Transferer is an innovative project that explores cross-curricular approaches to art-based learning. Additionally, this will build confidence and key transferable skills. This programme develops the learning and success of the Fresh Youth Panel, which was an initiative in which young people informed the selection of Fresh exhibitors for the 2021 BCB festival.   

Transferer will engage students within the community. They will work with clay, talk about art and create their own exhibition spaces. As a result, we will support improvement in their oracy and critical thinking skills.  


What difference does Transferer make?

Transferer will centre the voices of young people within BCB. This will build their confidence to express themselves and their ideas. Working with young people in Stoke-on-Trent is central to our work, reflecting our values of being inclusive, welcoming and collaborative. We recognise how vital engagement with the arts is for young people to expand their cultural horizons.  

Young people taking part will gain improved confidence in cognition, oracy and critical thinking skills which can benefit to all areas of their education. Teachers and education settings will gain a greater understanding of the overall benefits of oracy and critical thinking with key evaluation data from the project supporting this. 


Where does this project take place? 

Groups from partner schools in Stoke-on-Trent will take part in weekly artist-led sessions. They will reflect on their thoughts and experiences in order to build their confidence in critiquing artworks. Their learning and evaluation will shape the progress and delivery of the project. 

About the Fresh Youth Panel  

The Fresh Youth Panel was a collaboration between BCB, Haywood Academy and the Cultural Education Partnership. It was a pilot work experience programme to involve students in the selection of work for the Fresh exhibition during the 2021 festival.  

The Fresh Youth Panel consisted of 20 year-8 students from Haywood Academy in Stoke-on-Trent. They had an intensive two-day course learning about ceramics and exhibition selection processes. They created a long list selection of artists for the Fresh selection panel. Many of their choices went on to be part of the Fresh 2021 exhibition.  

The project was successful in ways that we hadn’t anticipated. The young people’s contributions to the selection panel improved both the range and diversity of Fresh. We also saw a significant change in their confidence and ability to communicate with others.  


Funded by 

Transferer is funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation as part of their Arts-based Learning Fund. This fund supports work which enables pupils in formal education settings, particularly those experiencing systemic inequality or disadvantage, to thrive through engagement with high quality, arts-based learning.

Learn more about Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Arts-based Learning Fund.

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