Half term at the British Ceramics Biennial

Parents, grandparents, and carers – looking for a creative and free half-term activity? Children and young people can come and get messy with clay and interact with the artworks in the Biennial in an unusual and fun way.



Tactile Project Space

Our friendly and talented team of artists will help you create and decorate a clay tile. These tiles will then be used as a bed for wildflower seeds and planted in Stoke-on-Trent this autumn. You will contribute to a beautiful thing, made by the hands of many, that will have a legacy in the city.

Learn more about the Tactile Project Space.



The Talking Tins resource

We have worked with Year 7 and Year 8 pupils from two local schools to create a unique resource to add to your experience of the Biennial at All Saints Church.

Take a red Talking Tin where the students have recorded some of their thoughts and where they ask interesting questions that will make you think about the artworks in an entirely different way. Such as if the artworks were edible which would you eat?  If you were at a fairground which would you like to take a ride on?  To hear them take a red Talking Tin and press the black button on the front of the device.

The yellow Talking Tins give you the chance to respond to the students, either by answering their questions or by posing your own fun ones. To record a message, hold down the two yellow buttons in unison and speak clearly into the device when the red light shows. You’ll have 20 seconds to speak. To listen back, press the black button.

We will save these audio files, meaning we have a lovely resource of how young people felt and responded to all the artworks in the 2023 British Ceramics Biennial.



The Talking Tins resource has been created as part of the British Ceramics Biennial’s Transferer programme which works with the young people of Stoke-on-Trent to build their confidence to express themselves and their ideas.

Thank you to the students of Haywood Academy and Thistley Hough Academy who recorded their thoughts for the red Talking Tins and to Paul Hamlyn Foundation for their continued support of Transferer.



The Tactile Project Space is open daily from 10am-3.30pm at the church hall at All Saints Church.

The Talking Tins resource will only be available during half term – Monday 30 October to Sunday 5 November, daily from 10am-4pm at All Saints Church, Leek Road ST1 3HH.


There is free on-site parking, entrance off Leek Rd.