Growing Cultures

Growing Cultures is a unique project that spanned the whole engagement programme of BCB. Inspired by the ceramic penicillin culture vessels, originally produced in Stoke-on-Trent, for the education programme we focused on the emergence of penicillin and the dangers of antimicrobial resistance.

The project was a perfect fit for CLAY Museum as it aligned well with the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Science Curriculum which allowed lead engagement artist, Joanna Hejmej, to develop an exciting workshop based around different types of bacteria cells. Students had the opportunity to explore the aspects of the Potteries Museum’s natural science, social history, and ceramics collections to explore the connections between health, medicine and history.

Over the course of a week, 300 students from ten different schools across the city took part in Growing Cultures workshops resulting in over 300 ceramic bacteria cells created to help students learn about the different types of bacteria.

 “All students were really excited and made massive amounts of progress.”

– Teacher


Growing Cultures is generously supported by Potclays Ltd, a leading award-winning provider of ceramic supplies and training to the studio ceramics and paint-your-own- pottery markets.