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Opening Times: Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm 

FREE entry to the World of Wedgwood Museum during the BCB festival 23 September - 5 November  


South Korea Exchange

Throughout history, ceramics have played an important role in the phenomenon of cultural transfer. For centuries China, Japan and Korea have influenced each other’s aesthetics, practices and technologies. Subsequent trade with the West, and the imitation and hybridization of Oriental styles in 18th century Europe, led to the forging of new ceramic traditions that were to gain historical dominance.

What Can Ceramics Do?

Every year, second year BA Ceramic Design students at Central Saint Martins engage in ‘The Client Project’ which sees five businesses or organisations working with small groups of students who act as a design consultancy. 

Usually there is quite a specific design brief from commercial enterprises or organisations but 2017 was a little different. Students were asked to explore the power of the ceramic material and its possibilities for social impact by working with five Charities or social enterprises: